About Us

Galaxy Pro Industries is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of various adsorbent items like bentonite lumps, powder, calcined clay & bauxite, cat litter, slag powder, boiler bed material and investment casting sand.


We cater to a large number of industries where our chemicals are required for their absorbing powers and moisture retention cancellation capabilities. Our chemicals come in packs of various sizes. They are even made according to the demands of the clients so that their purpose is served fruitfully.


They are manufactured using all the best quality raw materials available throughout the country. This in turn ensures that we can supply only the best to our customers. They are manufactured such that whatever purpose they are being used for is successfully carried out everywhere.


We can even assure you that the cat litter that we manufacture s absolutely safe for your pets and no harm will come their way. They will in fact absorb all the moisture from their litter allowing them to remain safe and dry and free from all bacterial contamination arising from it. 


Apart from the cat litter, our calcined clay is the best that any cement factory owner can incorporate into their products which in turn allow the users in the market to get superfine cement and cement related products. We can also assure you that we will remain true to our quality as long as you trust us.